Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Conversations Part 4

Out to dinner with my nephew Guinea Pig and his stepmom, ArchaeoloChick.

THWC: You know, when we were your age, we didn't have Siri. Or iPhones and Androids at all.

Guinea Pig: Why not?

THWC:  Because they hadn't been invented yet.

ArchaeoloChick: In fact, we didn't have a lot of the stuff you had. No internet.

THWC: And you know how you can go OnDemand and watch your favorite shows when you want? Or watch a movie?

Guinea Pig: Yeah.

THWC: Nope. 

ArchaeoloChick: We had to wait until it came on Nickelodeon. And Nickelodeon was over at seven. Then it switched to Nick at Nite.

Guinea Pig: And that stuff's not 'propriate for kids?

THWC: Actually, it was old shows we could all watch. I Love Lucy...

ArchaeoloChick: Bewitched...

THWC/ArchaeoloChick: I Dream of Jeannie...

Guinea Pig: Did they have computers?

THWC: Yes, but most people didn't have one at home.

Guinea Pig: Did they have phones?

ArchaeoloChick: Yeah, with wires. We had to stay in one place when we were on the phone!

Guinea Pig: Did they have saws?

THWC: We're not that old, buddy.

Guinea Pig: How about cars?

ArchaeoloChick: We're not old at all. Times move fast.

Guinea Pig: How about giant saws? Or tiny saws? Or itty bitty saws?

ArchaeoloChick: Aaaaaaaaannnd we lost him.

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